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Fire Safety Training (for residents and tenants)


What is Fire Safety Training? Are the tenants in your building safe? Would they know what to do in case of a fire emergency?


On Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 12:41 PM two separate fires in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx injured 29 people. On Monday, July 18, 2009 at 6:15 PM, three people were found dead, following a two-alarm fire in a luxury high-rise building. One tenant who lived in a high-rise apartment, who escaped the fire in her building, said "I have been living in this building for 15 years and I never knew where the exit was at." This statement points out that may tenants living in high and medium rise apartment buildings in New York City are not effectively prepared or trained to respond to a fire emergency.


These incidents also highlight the importance of New Rule, 3 RCNY 43-01 entitled "Residential Fire Safe Plans and Notices" by the New City Fire Department states and mandates that "the owner of each residential building J-2 or space subject to the requirements of this shall prepare a fire safety plan in accordance of. . ."The owner of each residential building J-2 or space subject to the requirements of this section shall prepare and post and maintain fire safety notices in such buildings or space. . ."

Fire Safety Plans (A Written Plan)


What is a written Fire Safety Plan? Do you have a Fire Safety Plan? Do I need one for my building?


"It is a written (fire safety) plan informing building occupants (residents) and building service employees as to the building's construction, fire safety systems, means of egress evacuation and other procedures to be followed in the even of a fire in the building. Effective in 2000, every residential--building including cooperatives and condominiums--must prepare a fire safety plan, following a model . . . this plan must be distributed annually to all the occupants and service employees of the building . . .the plan must also be distributed to every new building occupant and new building employee . . .it must be revised and redistributed within 60 days of any material change in building conditions affecting it. . .the fire Department may inspect these building records at any time and should be presented with copies of the last five annual fire safety plans . . . " (Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums--Spring 2007 and 2008).


All apartments building (residential and commercial)--especially medium and high-rises--need and should have a written fire safety plan in place and the tenants and residents in that apartment or commerical building should be trained in fire prevention, preparation and emergency evacuation.


According to the "New" Title 3, FC408-02 3 RCNY 408-02 Residential Fire Safety Guides and Notices. Rules of the City of New York-Final Rulemaking Notices . . . As set forth in 3 RCNY 202-01, "FC" refers to the Fire Code and "R" refers to the rules . . . 3 RCNY 408-02 . . . preparation and distribution of residential fire safety guides (formerly denominated) "residential fire safey plans") and residential fire safety notices.


This plan mus be distributed annually, to new tenants and all occupants and the building service employees of the building. Property owners and managers will be doing their part to, mitigate risk, or serious and fatal injury to persons and property, while also complying with the City of New York Fire codes. In some cases, if the "New Rule" is not followed and people get injured, the owners could encounter a very costly lawsuit. Also in the case of property damage from fire and water--you could lose loss of rental income, not to mention displaced tenants--which could be costly in reimbursing them for hotel expenses. In addition, the cost to renovate fire and water damaged apartments


Having a written fire safety plan, maybe a useful selling point when showing or renting space to prospective tenants or buyers. While many apartment, cooperative and condominium advertisements, offer beautiful and convenient amenities--perhaps if the prospective tenant or buyer, offered an amenity building with a certified fire safety plan, tenants would feel a lost safer; it is something that property owners and and managers should do anyway as a matter of just simply following the Fire Department of the New York City Fire Safety law. The tenants and buyers can boast to their friends that their apartment came with stainless steel appliance, granite counter tops, terrazzo tiles in the bathroom, the kitchen with fully-tiled floors and hardwood floors throughout and a they have a written fire safety plan, approved by the Fire Department of the City of New York.

According to an expert in creating high-rise fire safety programs, he asked "Why is it that I am protected in my office (commercial) environment?" In a commercial building tenants or workers are usually there for approximately 7-8 hours, but my wire and children are not protected, in a cooperative or condominium apartment (residential building), they are asleep for many hours; it is more important to be protected in those cases."


Just imagine your tenants trying to escape from your high-rise cooperative or condominium residential building during a fire several stories high. According to technical experts who are revising city regulations, changes in the New York City building codes tend to be more after the fact, rather than before the fact. The New York City codes have not seen changes since 1968! These changes seek to improve the safety of New Yorkers who find themselves high up in a cooperative or condominium building during an emergency or fire. But not all high-rise buildings are created equal--commercial (office) towers have more safety requirements than residential towers. And with cooperative or condominium high-rise buildings being built today, that lack of foresight could be costly.

Fire Safety Consulting


There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive advice on how to be prepared for any crisis, large or small.


Did you know that a fire safety plan is the rule in all of the 5 boroughs of New York City? "Many property owners and mangers are not aware there is a potential for a $10,000 fine and a multi-tenant (Class Action Lawsuit), multi-million dollar lawsuit, if their building is not up the City of New York Fire Department fire safety codes."


Many property owners and managers do not know or have the time to keep up with all of the changes in the FDNY Fire Codes. Rest assured, FLSS USA, will provide you with all of the up-to-date fire safety codes for your property. The problem is that the property owner and manager may not even realize it until FDNY does a "fire safety sweep."


The building may get a Notice of Violation (NOV) which has to corrected within 30 days, with proof of the corrected violation, or risk an administrative fine of up to $10,000--or even worse--your building catches fire and the violation has not been corrected after the 30 days! The loss of lives and/or property is tragic enough, but if you are not in compliance with the FDNY and the NYC Administrative Fire Codes, which mandates a fire safety plan, you could incur . . .


  • Judicial fines up to $10,000
  • Criminal and civil multi-million dollar lawsuits
  • Your property insurance claim could be denied or even cancelled


 . . . and you did not know you were in violation of the FDNY fire safety codes.


"Ignorance is no excuse for the law. It's a case of what you did not know and what you should have known!"

Hire the experts in Fire Life Safety! Let our experienced trainers and consultants at Fire Life Safety Solutions USA, develop a comprehensive training program for your residents and tenants and a written fire safety plan today!


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