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FLSS USA will work very closely with your tenants and building service employees in creating a site-specific fire life safety training program. We will ensure that your residential or commercial building is safe from fire hazards and develop fire life safety programs that comply with all federal, state and local fire safety codes. The company has a network of highly-qualified NYC fire life safety professionals, offering superior service, professional ethics and a complete commitment to your fire life safety training and consulting programs.



Disclaimer: Fire Life Safety Solutions USA, LLC., does not sell fire extinguishers or expensive equipment. We provides our clients with complete code compliance Fire Safety Training programs and comprehensive consulting.



Fire Life Safety Solutions USA (FLSS USA) is a residential and commercial training and consulting company, specializing in fire life safety for New York City residential and commercial buildings, for both fire and non-fire emergencies.


FLSS USA offers expert on-site, hands-on training and consulting services in the areas of fire life safety--emergency action planning, fire prevention and preparedness. We offer our services to a broad range of clients. We are partnering with property owners and managers of residential apartment buildings; including cooperative, condominium owners and boards, tenant and tenant associations and neighborhood groups, to assist them in complying and removing fire code violations of the "new rule" thereby avoiding costly fines and the liability of court cases filed by tenants living in your residential apartment buildings.

Since, 1995, the company has assisted commercial building owners and managers to comply with Local Law 26--for fire and non-fire emergencies. We offer this same type of best-in-practices services to residential apartment owners and managers. Our team consists of highly qualified fire life safety professionals who are thoroughly screened and certified as Fire Safety Directors (FSD's), Emergency Action Plan Directors (EAP's), Security Directors and Public Safety Directors.


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Our Services


Training - Our training seminars are comprehensive and effective, we cover the following areas:


  1. Emergency Action Planning
  2. Fire Prevention and Preparedness
  3. Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
  4. Persons with Special Needs (ADA)
  5. Evacuation Procedures/Stariwell Drills
  6. Building Constuction
  7. Communications
  8. General Fire Safety Awareness
  9. Means of Egress/Exits
  10. Survival Procedures
  11. Site Specific Policies and Procedures
  12. Personal Responsibility


Consulting - Fire Life Safety Solutions, is uniquely positioned to provide the following services;


  1. Fire Safey Surveys
  2. Compliance with Fire Safety Codes
  3. Fire Evacuation Planning
  4. Fire Safety Training Evaluations
  5. Fire Life Safety Informational Training Seminars and Programs
  6. Written Fire Safety Plans and Notices
  7. Fire Safety Plan (written) Review and Revisions
  8. Fire Safety Code Violation Removal


Our Qualifications


Fire Life Safety Solutions has over 15 years of training and consulting experience; in fire life safety program devleopment and performance.


Our Board of Advisors


Our Board of Advisors, consists of fire life safety industry professionals, together they have a combination of over 60 years of experience, training, consulting and educational experience. Our trainers, instructors and consultants in fire life safety are professionally-certified (FDNY) with a mininum of 5-7 years of hands-on, "real-world" experience and each one of our certified trainers under goes a through a detailed pre-screening and interviewing process. Our professional and highly-qualified instructors, have such diverse backgrounds as:


  • Fire Safety Directors-FSD's (FDNY)
  • Emergency Action Plan Directors-EAP's (FDNY)
  • NYC Firefighters (active and retired)
  • Public Safety Officers
  • Directors of Safety and Security
  • Incident Commanders and Managers
  • Certified Protection Professionals (CPP's)


Our Clientele


  • Residential Property Managers/Owners
  • Cooperative and Condominium and their Boards
  • Residential and Property Developers
  • Tenant Associations
  • Neighborhood Groups


Our Vision and Mission


 Vision - is to deliver immediate customized, residential and commerical buildings in New York City, fire life safety solutions to resolve our client's issues with fire life safety compliance and regulations.


Mission - is to partner with our client's, residential and commercial buildings, to ensure that their properties are safe environments, by developing comprehensive programs of fire life safety awareness, prevention and response.



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Professional Memberships

Fire Life Safety Solutions USA, LLC., is affliated with:


  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • American Society of Industrial Security, International (ASIS)
  • Fire Safety Directors Association of NYC (FSDA)


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